Surplus For Soldiers©

Every hour our landfills and the face of our fine country is radically changed with the dumping of tons of usable and recyclable products from the liquidation of offices and businesses across the country. Much of these products are in good condition, and could either be resold to new users or is composed of material that can be recycled and converted to another product for our country’s consumption.

It is time for our country to STOP throwing our homeland away, and START taking care of what we are custodians over.

We Challenge You! Are You UP FOR THE CHALLENGE????

The tired, the hungry, those that have protected our nation and all it stands for deserve to have as many of the pleasures we can offer as they are off in distant lands protecting and representing AMERICA and all she stands for. Additionally, when they return to our country, we need the financial and social resources to bring them back into our daily living and include their skill sets into our community service organizations. If they are physically or emotionally scarred from their experience, then we also have a human race debt to repay. That can be done in several ways. Some of the things we can do for our service men and women are as follows:

Oversee care packages for our armed service, we would work with existing organizations to make financial contributions for the purchase and sending of packages

Community Contribution & Service programs to involve them and help them ‘feel in contribution’, just like when in the service itself; keeping our communities strong and viable with their time and service donation
Emotional support with 24/7 hotlines and group as well as personal coaching sessions, helping them deal with the memories of things done or seen in their tour of duty. As you know, some of them will need our extra support given their level of duty experienced in foreign lands. For that, we want to make sure those soldiers have everything they need to help them physically and emotionally when they are back ‘home.’
Employment Contribution, help them to find gainful employment doing whatever they are passionate about and utilize the skill set and knowledge to be a contributing member of our society

Surplus for Soldiers, is what we call our donation program. We donate funds to already established organizations and charities that have a systematic way to help our soldiers. These organizations have programs in place to assist these soldiers. Team FSG works with local organizations and volunteers and donates funds and many time office setups for their volunteers. Through network connections with corporation and business ownership across our fine country, FSG, Facility Services Group, donates a portion of the proceeds of their sales to these organizations that assist our service men and women.

Organizations we want to work with to make this happen nationwide:

• Veterans of Foreign Wars, Local VFW
• American Red Cross
• Veteran Administration
• AM Vets
• AM Vets Ladies Auxiliary