St. Louis Office Furniture

Welcome fellow St. Louis business owners to our full service office furniture company.

You can shop with our company in two different fashions. The easiest and most convenient is to FIRST, shop with us online at our  virtual showroom.  Get a feel for the types of products, workstation cubicles and more that we can locate for you.  Then pick up the phone and just call us at 314.282.4441 ext. 701 and ask to speak with an experienced office furniture consultant.  Our consultant will then listen to the details of your office needs, time frame and specific products that you will need to accomplish them, and they will send you a presentation folder of the items they believe will fit those needs.  Once accepted they will then work out your proposal and begin the delivery and installation process.

Another convenient SECOND option since you are in St. Louis, is to simply call ahead for an appointment with our showroom manager or another consultant,  to come see what we can provide to outfit your entire office environment at our working showroom.   If we know ahead of time what you are looking for, we can have the product sample on the showroom floor so you can see the product first hand.

For our larger projects that involve workstations and more, the first option is always the easiest as we can show the stations to you while they were still standing in the office so you can get a visual of what they will look like in your new office setting.  Before we purchase the inventory we take detailed photographs of the inventory while still standing so clients can see how it can and was configured when still standing.

For our NEW OFFICE FURNITURE SALES,we can have it delivered and shipped directly to  you or your installer anywhere in the Continental United States. Many times clients will chose to have NEW PRODUCTS shipped directly to a local office furniture installation company that you work with that can schedule your delivery, assembly and installation right on your job site within your time frame.  Ultimately, we work WITH YOU and FOR YOU to make it work to fit your schedule. The more heads up notice we have on scheduling, is always the best for everyone involved!

Daily St Louis Office Furniture Inventories Updated Several Times Daily

Many times we are looking at inventories, two and three times a day.  If you let us know what you are looking for we may find it in one of those numerous office walk throughs for purchase opportunities.  Knowing that we have a valid buyer for that particular item will help us ‘secure it’ on your behalf to fill your office furniture need and request.

Facility Services Group, headquartered out of St. Louis, Missouri, is a nationwide office furniture liquidator.  We offer a fair and equitable price for the disassemble, removal and transportation of the office furniture from the job site.  TIME IS MONEY is very true in the office furniture liquidation business. The sooner you award the job and office furniture to Facility Services Group, the more value there is in the inventory.  TIME gives us the time to market the product and sell it directly from the location.  TIME gives us the time to schedule the labor and get competitive quotes for trucking, railroad hauling or the like to move the product from the point of location to its new destination, hopefully not the LANDFILL.  TIME is of the ESSENCE when corporations are making decisions to liquidate their office furniture.  It just MAKE SENSE to plan ahead for when a space is going to be vacated and turned either into a sublease or the leased space is given back to the landlord for the next new tenant.

We are approached daily by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies who are going to get rid of their office furniture.  We purchase those products, schedule their disassemble and removal based on their corporate calendar and bring the merchandise back to our working warehouse location at 7220 N. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63042.  From there, our trained office furniture sales consultants resell the product to small, medium and large companies who are looking to purchase quality pre-owned office furniture.  We also offer new office furniture for those items such as break room seating, training tables, receptionist areas, special seating needs, waiting room areas and the like that are a bit more difficult to find in quality pre-owned office furniture products.   Primarily the workstation cubicles is where most of the savings will be found for our clients.  We call our owner the KING OF CUBICLES as he has a knack for determining the right product for the right budget and space needs.  That skill is something that has been learned and earned in the last 17 plus years of the office furniture business.  Hands down, we know our stuff when it comes to office furniture.

CLICK HERE for our current liquidations.  Enter our virtual showroom and see all the various types of office furniture products we have that come in and out of our warehouse.  So, that means just pick up the phone and call us and we will see what we have that fits your needs.  We can always be reached at 314.282.4441 ext. 701.  One of our experts will assist you and get you assigned a sales person who can best handle your request.

DIRECTIONS TO OUR SHOWROOM Located at 7220 N. Lindbergh, Hazelwood (St. Louis), Missouri 63042, we are a family owned business.  Warehouse hours are by appointment only.  Call 314.282.4441 ext. 705 and ask for our warehouse manager Sheila Royer. Let her know what you are wanting to take a look at ahead of time, as we may have to move it to the showroom.  Remember we are a working warehouse so our staff and personnel are sometimes on job sites doing installations and in the field reviewing other inventory to purchase.