Relocation Management Services

Relocation Management Services

Facility Services Group Can Help Manage Your Next Move

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We start by communicating your needs in an RFP

This is extremely important especially on larger projects.  We basically seek first to understand the entire project scope.  We then develop a project specification and an RFP for each category of service required.  Instead of the vendors telling you what to expect or worse what they expect.  You are telling them what you expect.

Everything from how to break down the proposal, to what your insurance requirements are, letter of indemnity, performance bonds if necessary and whom is responsible for building egress / ingress, elevator arrangements and more.

Everyone is bidding based on the same information.  Nothing is left to individual interpretation.  We together are able to select the lowest responsible bids.

A good solid specification RFP ( Request for Proposal) will save you a lot of Money and time.

Onsite Project Management

Our relocation management services project managers understand the logistics and complexities of all projects regarding relocation, installation, space planning, furniture procurement and or disposition.   We start with a comprehensive project profile.  We work as your liaison with the various vendors.

You avoid the onslaught of solicitation calls.   We conduct planning and progress meetings with you and all vendors.  We make certain everyone works in Harmony.  It is amazing how one vendor can impact another and either save you money or cost you.

We foresee and eliminate costly change orders.  We are with you every step of the way from the very first stages of space planning and determining what will be used in the new space to the writing of an RFP, helping with the vendor the selection process and the on site management of the project.  We are on site.  We work for you!

We work on a cost plus basis.  We are extremely confident that given the opportunity we can prove we saved you money and in fact saved more than enough to pay for our services or you owe us nothing.

Relocation / Installation Services

Whether you have an internal restack of workstations, a major move or a simple reconfiguration we can help.  We work with you to plan the installation and or relocation as well as to make it as efficient as possible.  Reduce disruption; address all needs including trades, electrical, voice and data, code compliancy, communications infrastructure, critical timeline, and more.

We manage for cost savings and efficiency.  Simple things like ¼ scale drawings, clean panel drawings with typical component layouts clearly marked dimensions and foreseeing / eliminating costly change orders can save you a lot.  We never forget We work for you!

Our project manager is on site the entire time.  If he or she observes four installers looking at a plan they zoom in get three of them back to work and address the question.   We arrive on site 30 to 60 minutes ahead of the crew to assure no delays, they come to the space with their tools the first trip and most importantly the space is ready.  We stay after they leave to make sure the space is locked down, there are no safety issues etc.

We also require rosters, and we have all installation / moving personnel sign in and out each day.