Manage Your Office Furniture

Office Furniture Management

Office Furniture Management Services

We can help you Manage Furniture

If it has to do with the life cycle of office furniture we do it. If you want to create a comprehensive asset tracking and management process we can help with that. We are very knowledgeable with regard to all office furniture, parts, components, and critical information.

We can assist with the inventory and data entry process. We also have an online gallery which you can use free of charge. This makes it easier to share surplus furniture throughout your enterprise. You can display up to five photos of each item, provide detailed descriptions, location, date available etc.

You can actually provide a link to your own private gallery through your web site or ours.

We can help you deploy Furniture

If you are planning a new space, a relocation or simply some internal MACS ( moves, adds, changes we can help.

Our planning team can inventory and catalog everything, then meet with you to determine your goals and needs, address all code compliancy issues and critical dimensions, create auto cad drawings, and reconcile all furniture, parts and pieces.

Whether you are using it internally or shipping it to another of your offices across the Country we can arrange and manage all logistics and oversee the entire process.

We can even give you free access to our on line gallery and the ability to brand it with your own link displaying your FF&E and making it easier to share it throughout your enterprise.

We can help you Source Furniture

If you’re looking for furniture we can help. We can help you specify it, plan it budget it, and source it. The bottom line is we don’t sell furniture we help people buy it. Our goal is to get you exactly what you want and save you time and money.

We work through numerous sources throughout the United States and Canada. Once we find the furniture we will work with you to coordinate the delivery and installation, address all building logistics and bring in any additional services required such as Electrician, and Voice and Data Technicians.

We can help you Sell Furniture

If you are disposing of furniture we can help. We start by evaluating the surplus furniture identifying manufacture, condition, age, configuration, colors, quantities, etc. We also work through you to identify the cost associated with removal.

Once we understand the complete scope of the project we will put together a comprehensive plan and proposal. Again our goal is for you to control the project, and not necessarily to buy your furniture but to help you sell it. We can help you achieve the highest possible return, and manage the entire process to assure it is removed professionally and on time.

We work with several on line portals, approximate 2100 various wholesale buyers, as well as numerous end users that purchased quality pre owned furniture through us on a regular basis.