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Our Construction Management Services

Through our ability to combine the key project elements of DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, FABRICATION, and INSTALLATION, we’re able to offer turn-key project management. This allows us to complete your project(s):

  • On time
  • On budget
  • and to your specifications

A building project is always a daunting task for a firm. The sheer number of team members – architects, interior designers, general contractors, sub-contractors, furniture and fixture builders, fixture installers, transportation and logistics professionals, etc. – and their competing incentives makes the job complicated by itself.

But for a manager or regional manager who finds their time already monopolized by the demands of business, overseeing a building project and ensuring that their firm is getting the best possible product – for a fair price – can be a complete nightmare.
Add to this nightmare the difficulty of finding a general contractor small enough to care about your project, and yet large enough to accomplish the project, and you’re on your way to a nervous breakdown!

We will end the nightmare. As your personal construction manager, we integrate the project elements of DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, LOGISTICS, CABINETRY AND FIXTURE ACQUISITION, and INSTALLATION, giving you a “turn-key” building project from the very beginning.

You won’t have to worry about finding multiple teams with competing interests to accomplish the mission. We eliminate adversarial relationships from the building project so you can get the best product on time, and for the lowest possible cost.

  • When your firm decides upon a building project, it’s important to have a full understanding of what your needs and desires are, but also what the range of possibilities are for the finished building project.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to determine all the options for a particular project. It’s also difficult to reconcile your preferences for optimal attractiveness and functionality with the realities of cost and time.
  • US Single Source designers work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need and most of what you want, relative to your cost considerations.

Commercial construction is a tough business. Tough bidding wars can force contractors to bid below realistic levels – breaking even or profiting only through the use of change orders.

  • An adversarial relationship is therefore created. The general contractor has an interest in maximizing change orders, and you are left in a frenzy trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum, while trying to ensure the a quality outcome. There IS a better way.
  • The first step is an honest relationship between general contractor and client, and an open and frank discussion of what the costs truly look like. The second step is recognizing we all need to be on the same team.
  • By working together as a team, rather than as opposing teams, we can keep costs as low as possible, while not sacrificing quality. We’re not your adversary, we’re your #1 and staunchest advocate.
  • We show you the invoices, you know exactly what we make – there are no hidden charges, no reason for undesirable up-selling or pressure to use inferior products.

With rising energy costs, transporting materials and equipment for building projects has become a serious expense concern. Poor logistical planning is a sure way for project costs to spiral out of control. Poor logistical planning can also delay the completion of the project. Small delays add up. Finding the most cost effective and best logistics options can be a time consuming task.

  • We will solve this problem for you.
  • Our teams of installers are highly experienced in excellent, quick, and efficient fixture installation. We’re also able to assist you in perfecting the finished product so when we turn the keys over to you, you’re opening is truly grand!
Cabinetry, Case Goods and Fixtures
  • Finding the highest quality in custom cabinetry and fixtures for the lowest price is one of our specialties. We work with a network of dozens of shops – which means we can bid your project to multiple shops to ensure you’re getting the best price. Given the breadth and depth of our network of shops, we can literally produce anything. And since we know the shops personally, we can ensure the production of the fixtures in a timely manner.