Facility Services Group is pleased to introduce 3 D laminating also known as Continuous laminating to our capabilities.  This process allows us to offer wider product design offerings to a broad range of customers including but not limited to: Health Care, nursing stations, bed side tables, over bed tables, various common area tables and restaurant tables.

Education Sector Training tables, student desks, tablet arms, cafeteria tables, and more.

Or Office Furniture such as work surfaces, conference tables and transaction tops, etho space tiles, even drawer faces on pedestals, panel trim, chair shells and more. Designs are limitless from rectangles and rounds to boat shapes, radius, oval, elliptical, trapezoid and more.

From the simplest of shapes to fully sculptured three-dimensional contours and seamless edges, including edges such as waterfall, cascade, reeded, fluted, knife, bullnose, traditional, square and more the membrane press component gives our customers versatility in end product design.

Now more than ever Product innovation is a reality at Facility Services Group.

Don’t discard, throw out dispose of or dump your tops.  Let us remanufacture, repurpose, renew, refresh, re-deploy them.

Consider this!  Over 90% of the material in your new tops, panel components, and or chair components will be fro repurposed material.  Not recycled but repurposed.

Talk with your FSG Furniture consultant now and learn how this can work for you and how much you can save.

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If you can imagine it we can do it.  PLEASE CHALLENGE US!