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Office Furniture Appraisal

Office Furniture Appraisal

Do you have excess office furniture and workstations that are taking up your valuable office space costing you rent each month? Have experts determine the real value of your office furniture…With over 25 years in the office furniture industry, Facility Services Group knows the real value of premium preowned office furniture. If your corporation is looking to sell or move and needs our assistance in determining the overall value of your entire inventory of furniture, then give us a call and let’s talk about the arrangements to review your floor plans and actual inventory.

Has your corporation recognized the importance of keeping our country’s landfills free of used office furniture? Now that your company has considered the impact of the tons of office furniture and how it impacts the already bulging landfills, you can be comfortable in another viable solution to your used office furniture. Call Facility Services Group at 314.282.4441 or email us and let’s talk about your company’s plans and how your office furniture needs are changing.

Facility Services Group has the office furniture appraisal staff that can help you move and disassemble your office furniture. With over 25 years of industry experience we know the major brands of office furniture, their configurations and components and how to best use that knowledge to assist our clients in their growth, expansions and downsizing needs.

When your company is ready to dispose of used office furniture, cubicle workstations, filing, seating and more, we are ready to assist. One of our experienced buyers in office furniture liquidation can evaluate your inventory and give you an honest appraisal of its current value and time line for resale. This can be done either in person with travel expenses covered or by phone and internet.

Please send us in your initial email us the following information for our preliminary office furniture appraisal data collection:

  • The number of office furniture pieces or cubicles available;
  • The average size of the products
  • The original manufacturer invoice, showing colors # and model info
  • The age of the product
  • Floor plan of current inventory