Facility Services Group is a nationally recognized leader in the field of used office furniture liquidation and project management.  We work directly with companies that are planning to relocate, reorganize or upgrade their existing office furniture either onsite or across the nation.  TEAM FSG is a team of trained and experienced corporate liquidation professionals who work directly with your facility managers in the purchase, disassemble, and removal of all types and brands of excess office furniture.

When your company is beginning to have the discussion about anything that involves office furniture, bring us in for the discussions.  We can use our 60 collective years of office furniture and move management experience to help you with your time table deadlines as well as providing a turnkey solution for a smooth transition and a trouble free office liquidation and change over. 

Consider the benefit of the entire process including Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment as well as cabling abatement in the bidding process, along with destruction certificates for your electronics and equipment.  One call, One solution with TEAM FSG!

Facility Services Group provides maximum value to our clients with minimal disruption to the workplace.  We work around your schedule to make it happen on time and on schedule at the most affordable pricing.  Let TEAM FSG work for YOU!

We have never missed a deadline on our corporate liquidations.  We have the ability to coordinate schedules and logistics, work with your current project managers or provide those management services.  TEAM FSG can manage several nationwide projects that involve movement of product from one location to another.  Your job is the perfect size for Facility Services Group.  Team FSG is ready, willing and able to service all of your projects.

Call us today to discuss the scope and extent of your projects and let’s get it scheduled!

FSG Facility Services Group Liquidates America’s Top Finest Companies!

FSG is an expert at Liquidating Office Furniture from America’s Top Finest Companies! Thank you for choosing FSG Facility Services Group as your National Office Furniture Liquidator!  We are a GREEN COMPANY and want to keep as much out of our country’s landfills as possible.  We can provide certificates of destruction as well as other documentation required to assist you with any LEED points you are working toward.

When your company begins the discussion of moving, relocating or closing offices, call FSG.  WE can assist with the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) as well as the data cabling abatement as well.  One call, one stop, the FSG Solution to all your office furniture needs.



Facility Services Group, headquartered out of St. Louis, Missouri, is a nationwide office furniture liquidator.  We offer a fair and equitable price for the disassemble, removal and transportation of the office furniture from the job site.  TIME IS MONEY is very true in the office furniture liquidation business. The sooner you award the job and office furniture to Facility Services Group, the more value there is in the inventory.  TIME gives us the time to market the product and sell it directly from the location.  TIME gives us the time to schedule the labor and get competitive quotes for trucking, railroad hauling or the like to move the product from the point of location to its new destination, hopefully not the LANDFILL.  TIME is of the ESSENCE when corporations are making decisions to liquidate their office furniture.  It just MAKE SENSE to plan ahead for when a space is going to be vacated and turned either into a sublease or the leased space is given back to the landlord for the next new tenant.

We are approached daily by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies who are going to get rid of their office furniture.  We purchase those products, schedule their disassemble and removal based on their corporate calendar and bring the merchandise back to our working warehouse location at 7220 N. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63042.  From there, our trained office furniture sales consultants resell the product to small, medium and large companies who are looking to purchase quality pre-owned office furniture.  We also offer new office furniture for those items such as break room seating, training tables, receptionist areas, special seating needs, waiting room areas and the like that are a bit more difficult to find in quality pre-owned office furniture products.   Primarily the workstation cubicles is where most of the savings will be found for our clients.  We call our owner the KING OF CUBICLES as he has a knack for determining the right product for the right budget and space needs.  That skill is something that has been learned and earned in the last 17 plus years of the office furniture business.  Hands down, we know our stuff when it comes to office furniture.