Meet Our Office Furniture Experts

Terry Barnes, Lead Installer

Terry Barnes Lead Installer

Lead installer/Project manager Jose has been in our business since 1996.

Danny Brockmeyer, Lead Installer

Lead Installer

Lead Installer project manager. Danny joined us in 2014.

Robert Brockmeyer, General Manager

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 709)

General Manager

Robert first worked with us as a installer years ago. He then left for a while only to return later. He is now in a pivotal position to help Nick and his key management team maneuver the many complexities that face a growing small business.

Jose Caldera, Wood Shop

Jose Caldera Wood Shop

Lead installer /project manager Jose has been in our business since 1996.

Yolanda Danner, Purchasing Manager

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 711)
Cell: 314-392-3988

Yolanda Danner, Purchasing Manager

Yolanda has been in our business for over 22 years. We are very happy that she has recently joined team FSG. She manages all purchasing including internal shops, as well as all third party parts, and services.

Miss Dee, Upholstery Dept.

FSG Team MemberMiss Dee has been sewing and working with fabric and upholstery for some 42 years. She has a true appreciation for fabric and how it works while working in our upholstery department.

Jose Flores, Lead Installer

Jose Flores Lead Installer

Lead installer /project manager Jose has been in our business since 1996.

Jaime Hernandez, Wood Shop

Jaime Hernandez, Wood Shop

Jaime works hand in hand with a very talented group of tradesmen in our industry. FSG is so blessed to have all of these professional tradesman join our team and help keep our landfills empty and refurbish whatever furniture we can for our clients. Jaime has been in our business since 1994. His department gives us the opportunity to make custom work surfaces, tables and more while saving our customers money.

Tina Higgerson, Upholstery Dept Mgr


Tina Higgerson Upholstery Dept Mgr

Tina recently joined Team FSG. She got her start in our business in 1993. She and her entire team have been working together for numerous years doing complete refurbishment of cubicle walls as well as complete remanufacturing and recovering and upholstery of seating for your office. We brought her team on along with her. We can’t say enough to express how encouraged we are to have this upholstery team on board.

Brian Huddleston, Upholstery Dept.

FSG Team MemberBrian has been doing upholstery and panel recovery for six years and is an active and contributing member of our complete upholstery team.

Dylan Jacobs, Sales – Kansas City

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 708)
Cell: 636-293-4173

Dylan Jacobs, Sales - Kansas City

Dylan has joined us within the past year. He worked summers for us as he was attending Mizzou. He started with us as an Installer. He then moved into purchasing manager and is now part of our sales team in our Kansas City MO. He is looking forward to helping our customer buy office furniture.

Randi Livesay, Accounting Manager

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 706)
Cell: 573-368-9002

Randi Livesay, Accounting Manager

Randi joined FSG recently. She is our finance department manager. She manages Accounts payable and Accounts receivable.

David A. Livingston, Founder & Owner

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 700)
Cell: 314-280-2725

25 Plus years in the office furniture industry

David is the Founder and leader behind the FSG family owned business which sells office furniture nationwide.  David started in Commercial Moving some 35 years ago and saw a need for companies that wanted quality products for an affordable price. Started business specializing in helping people work the way they want to in September 1997.  David has a vast wealth of experience in the furniture industry.  He is driven mostly by his desire as a family business man to build accompany with a good reputation which is sustainable for his family, employees and customers.

Josh Livingston, Project Coordinator

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 712)
Cell: 636-262-4344

Project Coordinator

Josh has been part of Team FSG for since 2003.  He started out as an installer / mover and is now our customer liaison.  He takes the customer file over once the order is placed with FSG.  He then communicates with our customers throughout the process.  Josh has been a lead installer and the person FSG has counted on for years.  WE certainly are blessed to have him in our company!

Justin Livingston, Operations Manager

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 703)
Cell: 636-262-1073

Lead Installer and Onsite Project Manager

Justin has been in the FSG family business from the beginning as well 1997.  He is a very key and valuable part of our company.  The son of David, he has worked hand in hand in the business from its start and flat out knows the business and every aspect of it.  He also started as an installer / mover then worked into project management and is now our Operations Manager overseeing all field and internal shops and warehouse.  He knows the intricacies and parts and pieces of every cubicle system that we install and disassemble.

Nick Livingston, President & Owner

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 704)
Cell: 314-393-5204

Works with clients in the office furniture industry for over 15 years

Nick has been in the family business since we started in 1997.  He was first an Installer and mover.

He then went into a supervisor role on deliveries and installations, then went into project management and sales consulting and is now at the helm of our growing company.

Vicky Miller, Sales – St. Louis

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 707)
Cell: 314-651-3529

Vickie Miller Sales

Vickie has been in our business and brings over 28 years of experience. She has a lot of loyal customers and specializes in healthcare as well as major accounts. She also helps us and our customers with GIZA and Auto Cad.

Fernando Ochoa, Plant Manager


Fernando Ochoa, Plant Manager

Fernando is a very valuable addition to our team. He has worked in our office furniture business since 1987 He has a wealth of experience in all facets of re-manufacturing and refurbishing office furniture both from the panels, worksurfaces as well as seating complete refurbishing. We can all learn from him.

Sheila Royer, Sales – St. Louis

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 705)
Cell: 636-614-8017

Sheila Royer Office Furniture Sales

Sheila joined us in 2008.  She is our in house sales consultant and show room manager in St. Louis.  She genuinely cares about all of her customers and continues to make us very proud to have her as a part of our team.

Tracy Stephens, Sales – Kansas City

Tel: 314-282-4441 (ext. 710)
Cell: 573-836-1610

Tracy Stephens, Sales - Kansas City

Tracy is part of our Kansas City, Missouri in FSG Team Sales. She has years of business and corporate America experience and understands very well the importance of quality office furniture and well planned space. She enthusiastically looks forward to helping our customer’s work the way they want to.

Benjamin Varela, Metal Shop

Metal Shop

Benny got his start in our business in 1996. He brings the expertise that gives us the ability to help our customers modify panel heights and customize their existing panels. This is a very important part of what we do to help our customers extend the useful life of their furniture assets.

All the rest of our hard working crew…..

When the FSG Team works, we work hard. When the FSG Team plays, we play hard too! Here is a few random shots of those guys in uniform that you will see when we do you onsite work! Hope you enjoy the candid unedited photos of the FSG office Furniture Team. We work for you!