Getting ready to purchase your own office building? What to do when you find it full of furniture?

We have a customer that recently purchased a large office building that happened to have 900 workstation cubicles in it.  The workstations are 54” high Haworth Uni-group with hanging pedestals and rectangular tops with T-mold vinyl edge.  It is very dated made and installed back in 1986.

The customer is converting the building to multi – tenant space.

His original thought was to sell the furniture but unfortunately the cost to disassemble and remove outweighs the value.  We asked him this.


You give us enough components for a week to re-manufacture two stations.  We would re-manufacture them and retrofit them giving them a more modern look.  We will do this for free.

We would need 2 of 30 X 72 tops and one of the 24 X 60 tops, 2 box/file pedestals, 2 file-file pedestals, 4- 48 X 54 workstation panels and 2-24 X 54 workstation panels.

We would

  • Recover and paint the workstation panels
  • Paint the pedestals,
  • Use the file-file pedestals to create a step down island with cushion top and have one pedestal opening to the workstation on the left the other to the right.
  • Turn the box- file pedestal into a mobile pedestal with cushions
  • Re-purpose the tops Encapsulate the tops in his choice of finish, stone, wood, metallic, solid or abstract.  This would make a very modern look with no seems.  We would go directly over the existing top even the T mold or 3 mil edge and the laminate will take on that profile.  ( Very Cool ).
  • I know  we could save you Money, and leverage the furniture to provide very nice furnished space for your tenants and build the value of the furniture into their lease.
  • The tenant drives the finish, the style, the look, the size, the configuration.
  • Nothing goes to landfill everything is re-purposed.  NO WASTE.

Your clients end up with very nice totally re-manufactured workstations modern and sustainable.

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