Cubicle Refurbishing

Cubicle Refurbishing

Cubicle Refurbishing Helps You Stay Green and Save Green

Cubicle workstation refurbishing is growing in popularity as office furniture professionals around North America learn the value of restoring and refreshing the look of their used office furnishings. Having professional office furniture technicians go into work environments and transform the cubicle workstations to like-new condition is much more cost effective and much less disruptive of employee’s time and talents.

Consider the huge benefits instead of replacing your workstations and being more environmentally green. Save our environment and keep the office cubicles out of our country’s landfills when you have very good still-useable office furniture. Let’s talk about realistic expectations and the overall cost savings your company would receive.

Facility Services Group provides plenty of ways for you to restore your cubicle workstations and other office furniture so you don’t waste money on brand new furniture that may not actually be required. We offer the following office furniture refurbishing services:

  • Onsite cubicle workstation cleaning
  • Recovering workstation panels with new fabric (for an additional fee you choose the fabric as well to match your decor)
  • Electrostatic painting (give those filing cabinets a new and fresh look)
  • Reupholstering of office seating
  • Repair of most major brand office furniture
  • Wood refinishing and professional touch up service
  • Match custom executive suites with our custom line Leverage FSG

Our professional office furniture technicians will ensure your finished cubicle and office furniture meets with your satisfaction. If you have used cubicles you no longer want, we can also help you with their removal and installation of replacement cubicles. We offer used cubicles from all major office furniture manufacturers to fit any office size and configuration. Additionally, if you desire assistance with design and layout, we can provide that service for an additional manageable fee structure. Since we keep hundreds of used workstations and used office panel systems in stock, we can accommodate most orders and budgets in a fairly quick turnaround time for your company.

For more information on cubicle refurbishing, workstation refurbishing, panel cleaning, workstation cleaning, cubicle cleaning, or office moving and relocation, call us at 314.282.4441 or email us.