AutoCAD & AutoDesk

FSG has established a department dedicated to helping you design your office setting using the latest technology with AutoCAD and AutoDesk Revit Architecture systems.

There are many things to consider when designing an office layout. Electrical requirements, furniture options, lighting choices, and ergonomics have to be incorporated in the plans to make the layout work smoothly. With the right plan and checklist you will save time and money on the design of the office because everything will be laid out in detail outlining the components, and connectors needed.  This will also help avoid costly down time during the installation. Office planning services are available through FSG’s design department when we are your office furniture provider for no extra charge.

Having the appropriate layout and design of your workspace calls for expertise in space planning and employee needs assessment.  With the proper design you can affect much more than just the aesthetics of your office environment.  It can dramatically improve office work flow, enhance employee productivity and efficiency, boost morale, improve employee retention rates, promote team development, and break down employee-management barriers.  A winning combination by doing upfront planning in your design and layout with our services at FSG.

According to architecture firms, numerous office workers stated in a survey that they would be willing to work longer hours if they had a nicer office space to work in; clearly, office design and layout has a huge effect on workplace morale and should be taken seriously. To design and build an effective, efficient and pleasant office environment, business owners should pay special attention to important issues such as how space is used by their employees and how the layout of the office might influence workflow.

At Facility Services Group FSG our designers are trained and certified on the industry-standard AutoCAD and the newest technology of AutoDesk Revit Architecture.  These are helpful and top notch space planning and design software systems. They will help us convert your initial design ideas into practical floor plans and three dimensional views, ensuring your work flow and productivity objectives are met. Utilizing our skillset and knowledge of installation, and office furniture products, we can design and plan every area in your office space including open modular office plans, private manager/executive offices, conference rooms, training room, kitchenette/break rooms, multi-task rooms, mail rooms, and reception areas. FSG will also review your ergonomic, acoustical, and internal/external customer needs throughout the design process with your input.

If you are considering moving, changing or reconfiguring workstations or your office, consider the following questions and you and your employee’s responses.  You may need our design services now instead of later.

  • Are you troubled with deciphering the exact needs required when planning & designing your office space?
  • How do you distinguish what office furniture is needed?
  • Which would suit your needs best: a desk, or workstation cubicle?
  • What amount of space are you estimating? How will that affect their work style?
  • Do your employees have a need to “spread out” when they work?
  • Does your management like things out of sight and filed neatly away? Where is your storage located? Are you transitioning to cloud based filing vs. physical filing?
  • Are your employees more of a visual person? Do they need marker boards in their stations?
  • How much work surface will some employees need vs. other employees?
  • How much lighting is needed to work more efficiently & effectively?
  • What type of lighting do you prefer? Are you taking advantage of natural lighting with modular walls and glass panels when available to be used?
  • How much space will be needed for storing surplus supplies?
  • How extensive is your filing system? What do you see expanding in this area?
  • Have you calculated future growth & space needs when planning your office? Where do you see yourself in the next 24 months to 60 months?

FSG has a convenient checklist to assist you with many of the concerns that need your attention when you invest the time & money in creating, planning & designing your work space both for now and in your future.

Planning for your office involves many details including these topics for discussion:

  • Space Design and Layout
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Lighting, data and cabling
  • Ergonomics

Space Design and Layout:

How you use your space is critical in determining how to structure the layout of your office. When setting up your office consider these issues:

  • Establish primary and secondary work areas for these tasks:
  • Plan for accessible file systems:
  • Space for storage of office supplies:
  • Paper work
  • Computer activities
  • Projects and visual efficiency
  • Action files
  • Administrative files
  • Client files
  • Open Project files/Closed Project Files
  • Utilities: pens and pencils; staples; tape; paper clips; rubber bands; etc.
  • Marketing materials: letterhead; envelopes; company brochures, handouts
  • Fax supplies
  • Printer supplies
  • Copier supplies

Electrical Requirements:

Plan for these electrical needs:

  • Outlets:
  • Telephone lines:
  • Answering Machines
  • Computer Back-Up
  • Computers (How many monitors do they use?)
  • Copiers
  • Fax Machines centrally located or online
  • Lighting:
    • overhead
    • natural light from windows (permeate and flow through space)
    • task lighting at the desk space
  • Miscellaneous Powered Equipment
  • Printers (Individual or shared)
  • Scanners
  • Surge Protectors
  • Telephones
  • Business lines
  • Fax lines
  • Dedicated data lines

Consider our extra service we offer when choosing your office furniture provider.  We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance to you in the initial planning stages up to the final completion of your office project.  Call us today for your free consultation and review of project at 314.282.4441.